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RedRedPaw Mastering
Vinyl record test pressing


I will make your music sound great on all platforms - both analogue and digital. I work to the latest standards and recommendations for streaming services, as well as being Mastered For iTunes (Apple Digital Masters) certified. With years of experience, a silver-disc award, more than 500 million streams, a carefully selected mastering toolkit, and a good pair of ears - I can make your music shine.


Over the past decade, with more than 2000 projects, 500 million streams and a UK Silver Disc award  under my belt, I have worked for record labels, artist management companies, and self-releasing bands and solo artists. As an active musician I understand that release budgets are tight - so you’ll find my rates work for smaller projects, but the quality I deliver is for that of the bigger budget studios.

Selection of albums mastered at RedRedPaw
CD / DDP authoring


Mastering is the last piece of the puzzle in getting your music released - whether it’s a single for digital distribution, an EP on CD or a vinyl LP. My job is to make sure the release sounds great for individual tracks and to make collections of songs sound consistent and as part of a whole. I’ll take care of all the technical aspects for the release so you don’t have to worry about them - I’ll also help you with the aesthetics of the sound, offering mix advice if needed.


As a musician I was always fascinated and amazed by mastering - I got started when I was asked by a friend to help put together a release for his label… and things grew from there! For the full story take a look at my biography.


And as for the name “RedRedPaw”…. it was something that came to me when I was living deep in the middle of a Swedish forest, and it stuck!

Cassette mastering


My name is Antony, and I am a mastering engineer based in Denmark.


I’m also a professional musician - music has moved me since I was a kid, and I've been releasing music of my own for a couple of decades.

So I know how much your music means to you.

You can trust me to feel your intention, your expression, your emotion, your music. And I'll make sure that your music will be presented to the world in the best possible light - whether that’s on vinyl, CD, download, streaming or cassette.

Antony Ryan / RedRedPaw Mastering
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