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I'm only happy when my clients are happy with the work I've done!
I'm grateful to the artists, producers and labels below who have been kind enough to share their thoughts about the mastering I have done for them.

“Antony is an exceptional mastering engineer. We used his services for our first album, where he mastered 13 individual singles across a year. He has a great ear, and his process was consistent, transparent and considered. He is open to ideas and suggestions, but generally his first pass is just what you're looking for. We have even A/B'd Antony's work on our records with a couple of Grammy-winning mastering engineers' attempts, and his came out on top! “

Oh Wonder - UK

"My last four albums have been mastered by Antony Ryan and I cannot give high enough praise for the quality of both the mastering itself and the work relationship: Antony’s patience, attention to detail, willingness to explain options and choices, as well as his kindness combined with absolutely reliability and professionalism,  make him an absolute pleasure to work with, and make this last part of preparing an album for release as painless and as enjoyable as possible. Very warmly recommended."

Cécile Schott - Colleen

“After years of working with some of the biggest names in mastering I discovered Antony four years ago and haven’t looked back.


Antony, has without doubt the best ears, taste and experience of any mastering engineer I’ve worked with. His ability to dial in exactly what the track needs, regardless of whether that is simple or heavily involved, doesn’t just improve the track technically but without exception improves the track artistically too.  His communication is great, he will accommodate tight timelines and is always a pleasure to talk to.


It's safe to say I will never choose to work with another mastering engineer again.“

Richard Wilkinson - Producer / Mixer /  Writer - UK

“I’ve known Antony for many years having originally connected with him through Isan’s Myspace page. A big fan of his music - and sound - I was excited to hear several years back he was setting up as a mastering engineer. When my current artist project Blood Wine or Honey were looking for mastering RedRedPaw was our first choice - great flexibility, fast turn around, keen pricing, and perfect masters. I’ve also had old 1990s DATs from The Magus Project mastered and they sound amazing. Highly recommended.”

James Banbury - Component / Blood Wine Or Honey / Infant Joy / Dadahack / The Auteurs - HK

“Antony has mastered nearly all the Seahawks releases over the past ten years and many projects for the Lo Recordings label. We've always found his mastering spot on and his flexibility when it comes to amendments really gives him the edge.”

Jon Tye - Lo Recordings / Seahawks - UK

“Antony Ryan (RedRedPaw) is our ‘go to’ mastering engineer here at Home Assembly, particularly for vinyl. He understands what we’re after, has a great ear for detail and  consistently delivers top quality masters that bring the best out of our recordings - across a range of genres."

Barrie Cummings - Home Assembly Music - UK

“Antony and RedRedPaw has always returned my calls and replied my emails in a quick and professional manner to  get his clients job done in the best possible way. Not once have I been let down in terms of quality, needed file-format or deadline. The end product always sounds pleasing to my ears and makes it easy for me to return to his and RedRedPaw mastering services.”

Thomas Knak - Opiate / Future 3 / System - DK

"In the 10 years of this label, I've come to consider Antony's mastering as an integral component of what we do.  Because he's an experienced musician himself, I've always been 100% confident that he's always on our wavelength and recognises exactly what a track needs.  RedRedPaw unquestionably has Second Language's stamp of approval"


Glen Johnson - Second Language Music / Piano Magic - UK

“I've used Antony for my mastering since I started my label in 2011. He has an amazing attention for detail, and his knowledge about the technicalities of mastering for vinyl is second to none.  He has also always gone the extra mile, helping out and making suggestions when we have been approving test pressings. Most importantly his masters always sound great. “

Frances Castle - Clay Pipe Music / The Hardy Tree - UK

“I’ve worked with Antony at RedRedPaw for many years, and will continue to do so.  Brilliant mastering, very efficient and extremely detailed in providing what is needed for each individual project and budget.”

Matt Johnson - Red Light Management - UK

“I’ve known and admired Antony for many years as a musician and so was hesitant at first to work with him as a mastering engineer. I came to him after I’d had a very bad experience from a well-respected mastering musician and had if I’m honest lost faith in what could be achieved with the process. Not only did he do what I would class as ‘creative’ mastering job, fixing the problems that perhaps should have been perhaps resolved earlier in the process, but through his work and advice he re-engaged and re-energised me with the music itself. For him music is a personal journey and with mastering and its many complications and pitfalls he’s on your side guiding you through the journey. Really can’t recommend him enough.”

Ben Eshmade - Daylight Music / Arctic Circle / Age Of Not Believing - UK

“As an artist as well as a label manager I have been working with Antony for over 10 years on many releases and he always delivers. I keep coming back to him simply because I’ve always been extremely happy with the masters he’s done. With an exquisite attention to detail, fast work pace and a fantastic ability of communicating, Antony is the go-to-guy!”

Jens Christensen - Rumpistol / Kalaha / Rump Recordings - DK

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