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RedRedPaw Mastering Terms and Conditions


  • The client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions upon acceptance by the client of the final offer and quotation submitted by RedRedPaw Mastering. Any amendment to these Terms and Conditions shall be agreed in writing between the parties.


  • The client accepts that they own all correct rights and licences to copy, reproduce, replicate, duplicate and manufacture all audio and materials supplied to RedRedPaw Mastering. RedRedPaw Mastering accepts no responsibility for any costs incurred where this is not the case.


  • The client warrants that nothing shall be included in any supplied recordings which constitutes a breach or infringement of any copyright or which shall be in any way illegal, scandalous, obscene or libellous. The client will indemnify RedRedPaw Mastering against any liability in respect thereof and shall pay all costs and expenses which may be incurred by RedRedPaw in respect to any such claim.


  • RedRedPaw Mastering will provide amendments to existing mastered material free of charge, once the client has reviewed the mastering work that has been performed and prior to final approval by the client.


  • RedRedPaw Mastering will remaster one revised mix per track free of charge. Where further new mixes are supplied by the client, RedRedPaw Mastering reserves the right to charge for additional work accordingly.

  • Any additional work requested after final approval has been given by the client will be considered as a new job and will be charged accordingly.

  • The price per track for mastering covers a single recording up to 15 minutes in duration. RedRedPaw Mastering reserves the right to charge up to double the standard rate for recordings over 15 minutes in length, to be agreed in writing before commencement of work.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to check all masters and files provided by RedRedPaw Mastering, and to approve in writing prior to manufacture, replication, duplication or distribution.


  • The client accepts all responsibility for approving audio and metadata content of all masters and files supplied by RedRedPaw Mastering, prior to manufacture, replication, duplication or distribution.

  • With regards to vinyl-ready masters, RedRedPaw Mastering recommends that the client should request test pressings prior to manufacture. RedRedPaw Mastering will only accept responsibility for costs incurred prior to test-pressings. If a client chooses to forgo the test pressing stage it is undertaken at their own risk.

  • Where the client requests RedRedPaw Mastering to audition test pressings prior to manufacture, it remains the responsibility of the client to decide whether to proceed to manufacture and the client accepts responsibility for all costs relating to manufacture.

  • In the event that the client considers that a test pressing is unsatisfactory RedRedPaw Mastering will require an un-played test pressing for the purposes of verification and any amendments to the remastering shall be agreed between RedRedPaw and the client.

  • Where RedRedPaw Mastering agrees to reimburse the client for any costs incurred, this will be by way of a credit note.


  • The client shall not be entitled to set-off costs in relation to other work undertaken by RedRedPaw Mastering under these Terms and Conditions in the event of any dispute or liability.

  • The client accepts responsibility for storage and archiving of all master and source materials once a project has been approved and masters have been delivered. RedRedPaw Mastering will endeavour to store masters for a period of up to 18 months but does not provide a guaranteed archival service.

  • On request RedRedPaw Mastering will supply files from archives for which a fee will be agreed in advance.


  • Any liability of RedRedPaw Mastering whether under these Terms and Conditions or otherwise shall be limited to the total cost of the services provided by RedRedPaw to the client for the relevant agreed job.

  • RedRedPaw Mastering is the trading name of RedRedTek - Danish CVR registration number 33829094

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